New York News – Corporation and LLC Electronic Filing

Effective September 24th 2013 the New York Department of State, Corporations Division, has introduced electronic filing for standard Corporation and LLC registrations. The service is offered to service companies, such as Accumera LLC, and allows for immediate filing and issuance of the company filing receipt and acknowledgement copy of the formation document.

What this means for our clients…. Your New York company formation will be filed even faster than before with copies to you via email same day and, in most cases, delivery of the originals to you within 48 hours. Further, any filing receipts issued via electronic filing will be in black text with the NYS seal in black as well. The filing receipts will also have print added at the top which reads “ONLINE FILING RECEIPT”

Please note that there are some restrictions…. The electronic filing does not apply to PLLC, LP, RLLP, PC, NFP or DBA filings or any subsequent filings (changes or amendment). Further, it does not apply to Corporation or LLC filings that have an attachment, such as a consent, or have a purpose clause other than a standard purpose clause. The New York Corporations Division does plan to introduce these filing options in the future and we will keep you posted as the filing options change.

In cases where your documents cannot be filed electronically Accumera will continue to submit your filings on an expedited basis in paper format and provide you with the fastest turnaround time possible.

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