New York – Biennial Statement Filings

The New York Department of State now allows for the online filing of Biennial Statements. In an effort to improve service to the business community and create a leaner and more efficient government, the New York State Department of State has launched a system to allow for the electronic filing of corporate periodic forms, also known as Biennial Statements. As of May 1st 2012, most business, corporations and limited liability companies, required to file Biennial Statements with the Department will be able to do so over the internet.

Please note that online filing is only available if an entity received a Biennial Statement form from the New York Department of State after May 1, 2012. The paper statement, which will be the last one sent, will provide the necessary information to walk you through the online filing. Once filed online you will need to list an email address with the state in order to receive subsequent notices.

Accumera LLC can file your biennial statement for you and remind you every 2 years when it is due. We can also search to see if you are up to date on filing your biennial statement. Please contact us with any questions that you have about the filing requirement.

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